Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hang on ... this sounds vaguely familiar ...

Via Indiescribe, we learn that:

Vancouver postal workers have walked off the job to protest an anti-gay pamphlet they are being asked to deliver. The brochure is being distributed by a religious group and amounts to hate mail. Despite this Canada Post is saying that they are facing disciplinary action if they refuse to handle it.

Yes, it does put those postal workers in a bit of a bind but here's a wild and crazy idea: Why don't those carriers claim that delivering that mail would offend their personal religious beliefs?

Of course, given that those posties are public workers, I'm pretty sure that Canada's conservatives, being the stalwart defenders of public tax dollars that they are, would be absolutely outraged by the very idea.

Ahhhh ... it was just a thought. Carry on.


Aunty Bertha said...

An update:

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Local letter carriers, offended by the contents of an anti-gay booklet they were supposed to deliver, will no longer have to because Canada Post has backed off.

Thankfully, it looks like I am no longer likely to be a recipient.

Woe betide anyone who invades my my peaceful home with this kind of objectionable material.


Anonymous said...

A postie who didn't want to deliver what he or she thought was a case of mail-fraud was told that his or her personal opinions did not matter.

It's up to other authorities to go after either hate speech or mail fraud.

I'm just posting this to point out that it's been covered before by Canadian courts.

It's true what you say about Harper's defence of religion proposal. The posties could use it that way.

Zorpheous said...

Well if the Theo-Cons get that Protection of Religeon bill passed, I think those Posties might have a case.

After all if a Publically paid Judge can refuse to marry two gay guys because it offends his religious beliefs,... Goose meet Gander.

Oh and bet the Blogging Tories willbe up in arms about this, yet will not see the trap that they are digging for themselves to fall into, bahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I am so all over'll be interesting to find out what religious group this was.

Anonymous said...

21:25: From CBC's Vancouver website:

Management will deliver (check the end of the article)

It also claims that the person who sent it out was a Rev. Sterling Clark from Waterdown, Ontario.

Alison said...

A 28 page pamphlet?
Leviticus isn't even that long.