Monday, October 23, 2006

Left hand, meet right ... oh, fuck it.

I'm so confused. First, there's this:

[Status of Women Canada] has a grant fund of $11 million. This follows an announcement, made the previous week, that the government was reducing SWC’s $13-million operational budget by $5 million over two years.

And then (emphasis added):

Ottawa has promised $100 million a year to Afghanistan for 10 years ending in 2011. It's to be spent on everything from small loans for entrepreneurs - many of them women - to vaccinations, textbooks and de-mining programs.

Verner flew later yesterday to Kabul for a three-hour visit where she earmarked $14.5 million of already committed funding to create community-based schools for girls and train female teachers. Another $5 million is to help about 1,500 women earn money through home gardens.

I don't see any inconsistency here. Do you see any inconsistency here?

AFTERSNARK: Having once written this, I'm betting PTBC's Joel Johannesen doesn't even appreciate the overwhelming irony here.

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M@ said...

We give them money over there so we don't have to give them money over here.

Noe I see how that works.