Saturday, October 28, 2006

Apparently, hiring non-morons takes too much work.

It's getting seriously depressing that, over at Daimnation, Damian Penny seems to outdo himself in that each new member of his web site is even dumber than the ones that came before. How else to explain this bit of airheadedness by Daimnation member Jon N:

A new report by the Heritage Foundation finds the US military continues to attract a healthy representative sample of Americans. It shows that young Americans are still up to the challenge of confronting evil. Not the ones who protest for peace as if terrorists care about what they have to say, the ones who do something about it (and risk their lives for it). Now why won't the media recognize that?

From Who Are the Recruits? The Demographic Characteristics of U.S. Military Enlistment, 2003–2005 by Tim Kane, Ph.D.: ...

The Heritage Foundation's Tim Kane. Oh, yawn. Next.


Anonymous said...

They might be attracting a representative sample, but I would bet that not too many rich, white, republican kids are enrolling! And certainly no (R) Senators or Congressmens kids enrolled!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine someone being so simple minded as to take at face value an obvious piece of cheerleading drivel while ignoring all those pesky facts of the last couple of years.

1)Stop loss program. Ordering soldiers who did their tour back for another go round.

2)In theater extensions. This is a real heartbreaker. You put up with the heat, bugs, bad food, crapping in a stinking barrel of crap, sand in everything, isolation from home and family, survived not getting your ass shot off and other sundry deprivations. You fufilled your side of the implied contract and are packing up kit for the long awaited trip home. Out of the blue you're informed that due to staffing requirements and unanticpated shortfalls in manpower your attendence is required for an addition three months. Bastards.

3)Ready Reserve call-up. These are vets who did their five years, left the service and got on with their lives. They were told when signing up that the R.R. clause would only be invoked in case of WWIII.

4)State National Guard surprise. Want to make a few bucks playing weekend warrior close to home? Wear a pretty uniform and play with real army surplus? The surprise comes when you find out that due to an unannounced federal court ruling in the 90's, when you sign up in any state National Guard, you are also enlisting in the US Army. Got ya!

5)Lowering the enlistment quotas. Since 2005 recruitment levels consistently fell short of actual results. Can't raise the bridge, then lower the river! This is getting to be a common all purpose work-around with all governments today.

6)Lower the qualifacation bar. Can't enlist due to a felony charge, grade 8 education, insanity, or blind in one eye and can't see out of the other? Not to worry. We'll fluff up your CV and promise not ask questions. Why have an intelligent, compassionate infanty, they might question suicidal or illegal orders. White supremists, psycopaths and lowest percentiles welcome.

7)Economic draft. With the vanishing manufacturing base in the US there is a pool of warm meat available just though the ecomonic imperative of needing a job. Enlistment bonuses, false promises of staying stateside and being able to choose ones career path have lured many into a decision they later regret.

Those are just a few things off the top of my head that seem to wash away the rosy world of sand castles and denial that Damian et al delude themselves they are existing in.
Wishful thinking vs real world, learn the difference boneheads.