Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where is my tire iron, goddamit?

If you can even stand to look at it, your "liberal" media in action. It's not that George W. McFuckWit is either a pathological liar or just totally senile by now. Rather, it's that George S. didn't immediately cut him off and scream, "What do you mean, you've never been 'stay the course'?"

How long are interviewers going to just sit there, collecting their paycheques while cretins like Bush and Cheney lie outrageously right to their faces? At least Adam Carolla, on his radio show, had the spine to tell lunatic screech harpy Ann Coulter to take a hike when the occasion called for it. (I mean, if even Tweety reaches down and realizes he has balls once in a while, how hard can it be?)

So what exactly is it going to take? What's finally going to have to happen for someone like George Stephanopoulos to lunge out of his chair and start beating George Bush with an axe handle, all the while screaming, "No! No, goddamit, I can't take any more, you smirking, lying, piece of shit motherfucker! No more! Do you hear me!? NO MORE!!"

Or he could just call Bush a liar on the air politely. I guess that would work for me, too.

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