Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

How is it possible for someone this fucking stupid to actually have his own blog?

Now, when it comes time passing legislation to get tough on crime, the opposition parties are going against their word. Are we surprised? Not really, the leftist parties really don't believe in being tough on crime, and when they promise to do anything, they never keep their promises anyway.

Once again, reality delivers a wicked boot to the nads (emphasis teeth-grindingly added):

Prime Minister Stephen Harper accused the opposition Thursday of being "anti-democratic" — even as the Liberals offered an olive branch by agreeing to pass more than half of Harper's proposed tough-on-crime bills.

... Under the Liberal proposal Thursday, six pieces of crime legislation the Tories want approved would get speedy passage through the Commons. The Liberals said that would leave plenty of time to study and debate another five bills that are seen by the Opposition as more contentious.

It's hard to believe anyone could make me miss the comparative intellect of Steve Janke. Trust me, it doesn't happen often.

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