Monday, October 30, 2006

The "Internets" ... see, it's this bunch of tubes ...

Back here, we have a couple of Canada's less celebrated conservatives, apparently unable to grasp the concept of "the Google." Olaf comments:

What an admirable defense of the SWC program. I mean, throughout the whole thing, you didn't once mention what it does or why it's important.

Further down, "Anonymous" whines:

Sorry ladies, if the program is worth keeping, defend it on it's [sic] merits. It should be easy if it worth keeping. If you can't come up with a rational arguement to keep it, then it is a waste of money and should be scrapped.

In all fairness, I should apologize. It never occurred to me that critics of the SWC were, in fact, unfamiliar with the concept of an online search engine and would be unable to Google on, say, "5 things feminism did for me," which would eventually lead them here and give them enough to ponder while waiting for the next episode of The 700 Club or something.

So ... can you boys take it from there, or do you need someone to read all that stuff to you as well?

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Olaf said...


I read many of the '5 things feminism has done for me' entries, tons in fact. None of the ones I've read had anything to do with the SWC, but instead stated why feminism produced a number of concrete benefits to women's equality, advances that mostly took place 20 or 30 or 40 years ago.

Now, how this argues that the SWC program is essential today, or how it argues that SWC actually produces tangible results for gender equality, is beyond me.

It seems to be beyond you too, or at the very least it's not your job to know.

However, perhaps you are aware of how it promotes women's equality in a tangible way. If so, and since you like to use comments sections as a jumping point for posts, I'll make you the following challenge: "List 5 tangible benefits the SWC has produced regarding the promotion of gender equality in the past 10 years". Not exactly catchy, but far more pertinent to a debate over the merit of a SWC program than bringing up events and advancements which SWC had absolutely nothing to do with.

By the way, are you suggesting that there are conservatives actually more celebrated than I? Here's another challenge, name one!