Monday, October 30, 2006

Um .. yeah, OK, there was that OTHER stuff, too.

And over at the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" clubhouse, Spanky puts those uppity girls in their place:

The tag-line is “Do you believe in free speech?” Why yes, I do. The question for the Dixie Chicks, if they are able to come down from their crosses long enough to answer, is: Do The Dixie Chicks believe in free speech? If yes, then why are they making a movie in order to complain about being called “Dixie Bimbos” in the wake of their criticisms of George W. Bush? Isn’t that free speech too? Or should they have been protected from that sort of free speech?

Yes, that's what this controversy is all about -- all those mean wankers calling them the "Dixie Bimbos." It's not like this might involve slightly larger issues such as, say, that the nationwide boycott of the Chicks might have originated in the Bush administration, or the death threat against lead singer Natalie Maines. When there are serious issues to be discussed, but you'd rather not, thanks.

ABOUT THAT "FREE SPEECH" STUFF: As Miss C points out (and as I have already blogged on but should have reminded everyone about), free speech apparently doesn't extend to allowing the Chicks the same freedom as others to advertise their own movie, does it, Spanky? And you thought the U.S. airwaves were a public trust. You poor, deluded sucker.

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Miss Cellania said...

Courtesy of the other cynic, here's trailer for the movie.