Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lucidity will cost you extra.

Mr. Sinister nails it nicely.


Anonymous said...

How strange that Mr. Harper can hold the outrageous concept of representing a majority of Canadians.
Has anyone told him he has a minority government or is he hearing voices again?
How much more of his support would vanish if his sub rosa theocratic agenda was revealed?

I find it amusing watching him stew when not getting his own way.
'If only I was king' thoughts rolling around in his head while he bites his tongue to prevent himself from blurting out what godless heathens we all are.

Sure it can suck when the shoe is on the other foot, but why do they look like clown shoes on him?

Ti-Guy said...

It's his immaturity that gets me. By his age (a few years older than I am) he should have learned that you can't get anywhere if you make enemies because enemies not only don't help you, but they work to undermine you. This is what the Opposition is doing, and ol' Peevie Stevie has only himself and his gang of juvenile jackasses to blame.

I mean, for Christ's sake, what was the political value of cutting SWC funding, the Court Challenges Programme and re-opening SSM? None whatsoever; these things barely cost anything and now he's pissed off pretty much 3/4 quarters of the Canadian population.

Way to go, Psycho Steve.