Sunday, October 22, 2006

Damian Penny: Master of irony.

Laugh? Cry? Sometimes, it's tough to decide:

Jack Layton, milking the Stronach/McKay controversy for all it's worth, says the Foreign Affairs Minister should resign for calling Stronach a "dog." Yeah, that's a proportionate response.

A "proportionate response"? Is that anything like, say, Stephen Harper's infamous "measured response?"

P.S. I think it's time to formalize and invoke the "MacKay rule," under which regular citizens that can't seem to spell Peter MacKay's name correctly should be chastised severely and have their blogging privileges suspended.

Blogging Tories who can't seem to manage it should simply be taken out and shot.

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Anonymous said...

Please Mr. Layton, you doth protest too much.
Trust Layton to expound at great length on the questionable morals and lack of decorum of opponents. Hasn't his handlers coached him to turn it down a notch yet.
It labels the party as kneejerk reactionists, easily drawn into situations of limited advantage.
A simple 'If true, that would be deplorable.' comment would suffice and in this case let the women in the party pick up the slack.
It would let those poor Conservatives sleep so much easier knowing the disproportionate response came from a woman.
This they could dismiss offhand as uppitty feminist rantings not deserving of attention or respect.
Peter (I'll leave it at that lest I invoke the spellin' banination gods) is actually getting off easy on this one. Deny, deny, deny and this matter will die a natural death by Tuesday.
Belinda (homewrecker, divorcee, traitor, rug don't match the curtains - any more Damian?) is the one who has come out on top in this kerfuffle with the succinct 'I'm hurt Peter would say that'.
As the aggrieved party appearing taking the high road she stills the wagging tongues thirsting for even a little zinger to take this whole affair down into the muck and give it some legs.
Imagine if she fanned the flames a little with something like -
'But it was Peter who always insisted on doing it doggie style' or a more subtle nut buster that would dog (sorry) his time in office like -
'I feel bad for Peter if he doesn't measure up for the title he holds. In Foreign Affairs it always helps to speak softly and carry a big stick'