Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Legacy?" I got yer "legacy" right here, dumbass.

Shorter President George W. McDumbfuck: "I did not have 'stay the course' relations with that country."

But seriously, it isn't even fun watching this horror show anymore -- watching the flying monkeys of the Bush administration take to the airwaves and suggest, in all seriousness, that they were never into that "stay the course" stuff. Oh, no, not them -- that must have been some other collection of pigheaded, head-up-ass, delusional fuckwits who blew a gaping hole in the American economy and are now frantically scampering around, looking for someone to pin the blame on.

And I'm wondering if we can finally start using the "L" word -- "lie". As in, George lied. As in, deliberately told a falsehood, ya know, given that it's now obvious to any moderately sentient life form. Well, OK, obvious to everyone except for this collection of worthless retards, for whom George W. is, and always has been, the portent of the Second Coming, or something equally nauseating.

But it's Marshall's final paragraph that I think sums up what's happened here:

But President Bush can't and won't withdraw from Iraq because when he does, under the current conditions, he'll sign the epitaph, the historical death warrant for his presidency. Unlike in the past there are no family friends to pawn the failure off on and let them take the loss. It's all his. So he'll keep kicking the can down the road forever.

And that's pretty much all there is to say. What's a trashed American economy, almost 3,000 dead troops and an all-out civil war in the Middle East, compared to the breathtaking narcissism of Glorious Leader? Come on -- you really didn't even have to ask, did you?

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Anonymous said...

What was "the mission" that had to "succeed"?

How worthless a political and media system the US has to have allowed this travesty to continue for over three years!

And how near-worthless that in Canada, the CBC still treats the words of these sub-morons seriously and that we've produced a gaggle of shitheads like the "blogging tories" to act like everything's respectable.