Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All right ... what's THIS all about?

An e-mail from a reader points me at the following ad:

Immediate need for project-based native speaking linguists in Afghan Pashto, Farsi, Dari, and in Canadian French. No translation involved. Project involves creating phonetic pronunciations of translated phrases for militiary/intelligence use. Pashto, Dari and Farsi linguists selected must have current, colloquial, Afghan "street language" knowledge of their respective language. Canadian French must be Quebecois. The material is not formal or in a literary form of the language. Must be familiar with basic military/intelligence terminology.

The listed organization, Kwikpoint, has a web page here, and advertises that "A Kwikpoint Visual Language Translator is a colorful picture card that lets you communicate with anyone, regardless of language, by simply pointing at pictures."

I'm guessing that their flash card that says, "Please don't kidnap me, I am a member of the press" is a hot seller these days.

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Rev.Paperboy said...

What possible need could military intelligence have for French Canadian native linguists? Is this something Ralph Klein and Stephen Harper put the Pentagon up to?