Sunday, October 22, 2006

Joel Johannesen: Philosopher king.

It's almost painful watching Proud to be Canadian's Joel Johannesen try to come to grip with deep thoughts, and fail in the most spectacular fashion:

Liberal-left credo exposed by wife

My wife. So you know it’s right, baby.

While perusing Michael Kesterson’s corner of the Globe and Mail at work yesterday, she found what she believes could serve as the official, albeit “hidden” agenda of the liberal-left: a quote by François, duc de La Rochefoucauld. He’s French, of course. Here it is. Get ready.

“We try to make virtues out of the faults we have no wish to correct.”

-- La Rochefoucauld

VoilĂ .

Ah, yes ... making virtues out of faults. You mean like:

  • Being hideously ignorant of even the most fundamental facts of evolutionary biology, but presenting that as a measure of your laudable, values-driven devotion to Godly, Biblical innerancy?

  • Being hopelessly uneducated about the most basic principles of climatology, but passing that off as courageously confronting the nasty, worldwide, leftist conspiracy of global warming?

  • Being part of an intolerant, sexist, right-wing, Christian whackjob movement to defund the Status of Women Canada, but painting that as just being fiscally responsible and a careful steward for the Canadian taxpayer?

  • Being outrageously bigoted and homophobic, but dressing that up as a defense of "traditional marriage" and "family values"?

  • Being appallingly sexist and offensive in Parliament in suggesting one of the female members of the opposition is a "dog," but describing that as ... as ... um ... actually, there's no real positive way to spin that one, is there?

PTBC's Joel Johannesen: When you need a world-class expert on turning vices into virtues, but there's no requirement for actual self-awareness.

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