Monday, October 23, 2006

Another moderately weird milestone to which I am now officially indifferent.

  • Official death toll from terrorist attacks of 9/11: 2,752.

  • Official death toll for American troops in Iraq: 2,785.

So ... in vengeful retaliation for terrorists killing almost 3,000 people on 9/11, the United States has allowed those terrorists to kill an even larger number of its citizens overseas.

Sounds like a fair trade.


Anonymous said...

Shows how smart you are.

One of the ways Dead-Eye, Rumsfeld & Co. keep the profile of the war down is "privatization." "Privatization" is a legal way of diverting official funds to Bush/Cheney contributors, thereby giving them an immediate return on their investment in the Bush/Cheney campaign.

Lots of the things the troops have done in prior wars are done in this war by privateers. Untold numbers of companies employ mercenaries in an untold variety of roles.

Yes, we know how many American troops have been killed in Iraq. But no one knows how many of the privateers are Americans; no one knows how many privateers have attained martyrdom in Our Beloved Leader's jihad.

So, you see, you actually don't know how many Americans have been killed in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and to think that in answer to the Pearl Harbor attack that killed 2,403 military personnel and 68 civilians, we entered into World War II and lost 407,300 more military personnel and 11,200 civilians! Man, were we stupid to do that!

Lindsay Stewart said...

oh by jesus you are a stupid one dsmvwld. had chimpasaurus tex been at the helm back in ww2, he would no doubt have responded to tha japanese attack by immediately launching strikes against argentina.

let's play spot the difference:

the imperial japanese forces launch a sneak attack on an american military target. america responds by declaring war on the nation of japan and her allies. long years of military engagemnet and battle ensue.


a band of fanatical islamic zealots, primarily of saudi origins, hijack civilian aircraft and crash them into civilian targets. they are led by an expatriate saudi, working from afghanistan. america responds by attacking afghanistan. then becomes distracted by something shiny. america drops the pursuit of bin laden and turns her attentions to iraq.

america invades iraq using a revolving list of trumped up excuses. afghanistan is left to revert to tribal chaos with no sense of misssion or purpose and america squanders many thousands of lives, many billions of dollars and all of her moral capital on a strategically retarded, unwinnable quagmire.

japan, a highly motivated industrial nation attacked america. iraq, an impotent, contained and sectarian dictatorship did not. you may now shut up and fuck off. thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, ape, you hit all the left-wing monkey-chattering points. Congratulations! You've been successfully brainwashed.

Hmm... Here I thought the issue was about the number of lives lost between an attack on our country and our subsequent response.

Hey, guess what? Germany didn't attack us at Pearl Harbor, did they? Yet we joined the war against them because of it. I guess that was wrong, too, eh? Yeah, maybe FDR's reasons for going to war against Germany were "trumped up," too.

And it took almost 4 whole years to defeat Japan. Talk about a "quagmire!" The whole damn Pacific was a "quagmire!" Attacking Iwo Jima - a dinky little island - alone took the lives of 6,821 Americans. Guess we should've "cut-n-run" after the first couple thousand, right?

Anonymous said...

"maybe FDR's reasons for going to war against Germany were "trumped up," too."

Yeah, maybe... Wait, let's check the history books... a-ha! It turns out that they weren't. Good point, though, if it hadn't already been demonstrated to be wrong.

Maybe next time you can try this:
"Hey, Truman trumped up reasons for going to war too, and I didn't hear anyone complain about that one..."

M@ said...

maybe FDR's reasons for going to war against Germany were "trumped up," too.

Or maybe Germany declared war on the USA.

Just like Iraq did! I mean, it was an imminent threat, right? What with all the nucular missiles and wooden drones and chemical weapons trailers?