Sunday, October 22, 2006

The mystery of creationist causality.

And so we have the question of the day: Is it that being stupid inspires you to become a creationist, or does creationism turn you into a gibbering moron? Consider Biblical creationist "Dr. Dino" Kent Hovind:

A Florida attorney testified Friday that Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind disputed the government's right to tax him and likened his ministry's powers to that of a foreign embassy.

"He tried to stress to me that he was like the pope and this was like the Vatican," Seminole attorney David Charles Gibbs testified at Hovind's trial before U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers.

So how stupid is Kent Hovind? Oh, man, I'm glad you asked:

Testimony of Special IRS Agent Scott Schneider took up the remainder of the day and is expected to resume Monday.

Schneider said his investigation revealed that Hovind "hadn't filed tax returns ever, to my knowledge."

The government contends that Hovind paid his employees in cash and labeled them missionaries to avoid paying payroll and FICA taxes.

And just so you know, we here at CC HQ aren't just Johnny-come-latelys, jumping on the Hovind smackdown bandwagon. Oh, no, we've seen this coming for a long time. Because political stupidity may come and go, but Biblical idiocy is forever.

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