Monday, October 30, 2006

A conservative double-standard? Say it ain't so!

Remember, not that long ago, when Bill Clinton finally had enough of right-wing hack Chris Wallace and proceeded to dismantle him, logically and meticulously? This, naturally, proved only that Clinton was unhinged, deranged, and couldn't control his temper, according to the wankersphere.

Fast forward to Wolf Blitzer, demonstrating the hypocritical wankery of Lynne Cheney. And the wankersphere's reaction to Cheney's sleazy tap dancing, evasion and uppity bitchiness and moralistic finger-wagging? Yeah ... like you had to ask.


Simon said...

Cue Olaf to come in and explain why it's not a double standard because it wasn't the EXACT same situation.

Dave said...

Lynne Cheney has always been combative bitch, and not necessarily with anything resembling a fact to support her position.

Regardless, I found Blitzer's whining a little tough to swallow. He's been awfully chummy with the Cheney's and given them a light ride. Now that Time-Warner has gone on an offensive, he starts asking direct questions which should have been asked years ago.

And, he's surprized by the reaction?! He should have seen it coming.

CC said...

I already made it clear on what I think of Wolf.

Simon said...

Greenwald has a nice couple of posts up today, touching on the Wolf-Cheney hullabaloo.