Saturday, October 28, 2006

Schizophrenic? No, we're just fine, thanks.

If there's one thing more amusing than watching the wankersphere take an asinine position, it's watching them adopt a completely contrary and equally asinine position the next day.

Once upon a time, it was all the rage to savage the Dixie Chicks, remember? Cutting airplay, CD-crushing parties, that sort of thing. Trashing the Chicks was the in thing, wankerifically speaking, and even some Blogging Tories got in on the act, gloating over their alleged lacklustre popularity years later.

Well, the Chicks are back in the news, but now the wankersphere is having a hard time getting their talking points in order. Now, some of those same wanks are suggesting that this latest example of suppression of free speech is just a cheap publicity stunt by the Chicks themselves.

Oh, come on, you wankers. That is ever so lame. You couldn't stop gloating how you dissed the Chicks before, so let's not change direction now. Suppression of free speech -- that's your baby so let's own it, shall we? You've never had any problems crushing dissent before so let's not go all waffly now, just because those same sleazy tactics seem to be backfiring. So suck it up and stand on whatever principles you have left. As your hero George W. Bush would say, "stay the course."

Oh, wait ... he's not saying that anymore, is he? Never mind then. My bad. Carry on.


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