Friday, October 27, 2023

Rebel News: The grift that never ends.

In case you missed it, the Rebel News combination media outlet and right-wing dating site has opened up an on-site pharmacy, wherein you -- the irredeemably gullible mark -- can purchase wildly expensive pharmaceuticals to apparently "detoxify" from previous COVID-19 vaccinations (or something equally deranged):

Tune in next week when Rebel begins hawking boner pills that make you irresistible to that smokin' hot high school student sitting next to you at a Grande Prairie bull riding contest.

No word on whether customers are entitled to charitable tax receipts.


Anonymous said...

Accepting ads from fake science anti-vax pill pushers is to be expected, but of course the Rebel can always be counted on to find new ways to undermine their own credibility and the basic principles of journalism. Over the last few months Ezra has been advertorials from these quacks as part of the Rebel’s main news feed, with clickbait headlines like “shocking new research reveals…” and “major new study debunks…”. These are formatted and laid out to look just like part of their news: they are only distinguished by a small “sponsored” in the corner of them”story”. It’s as egregious a violation of the core principle of separating advertising from journalistic content as I’ve ever seen; but of course one looks to the Rebel for imaginative leadership in bad journalism in every aspect.

Anonymous said...

Here's an amusing portrait of Ezra's new Snake-Oil subsidiary.