Thursday, October 26, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Stupid is as stupid does.

I hesitate to bring this up, but it's too precious an opportunity to pass by. Here's Lloydminster's village idiot Patrick Ross, howling with glee over someone reporting that my blog is insecure and possibly engaging in nefarious activity:


Now, before we examine this further, take a wild guess as to why one might get such a warning, not just on my blog, but on any web page no matter what. Go on, take a guess. I'll wait.

Dum de dum dum ...

In fact, I trivially reproduced that warning myself, by deliberately visiting my own site using the Internet protocol "http://" rather than the secure form of "https://":

Once I switched to "https://", the warning went away. This is the level of dumbfuck stupid we are dealing with here -- mouth-breathing yahoos unaware of secure versus insecure Internet protocols.

Are we done here? Yeah, I think we're done here.


P.S. In case you need further convincing, I popped over to one of Patrick Ross' own craptastic websites and, using the insecure protocol, got precisely the same warning:

Again, appreciate the level of dumbfuck stupid required to have posted that original hysterical screed while never having understood the concept of secure HTTP.

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, Patrick "I am the smartest d00d on the Intertoobz" Ross is now doubling down on the dumbfuck stupid, continuing to insist that his browser warnings are somehow related to my blog content, and not to his mind-numbing ignorance on how "https://" works, as he tweets:

It's too bad this level of screeching ignorance isn't expensive ... oh, wait, it is:

At this point, will Patrick ever concede that he is simply a technical ignoramus? Let's watch.


Anonymous said...

You can also add that a setting in most modern browsers is to visit HTTPS sites when available....

Twatsy is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Skinner posted on X about this to. Twatsy constantly makes himself look as stupid as we know him to be. He's a fucking retard without a support worker to tell him that shitting his pants on a daily basis is a bad thing.

Coolxenu said...

Maybe it's one of his own seven proxies.

MgS said...

Ross concede ... anything? That's not how low quality trolls operate, is it?

If it was, he'd have thrown himself on the mercy of the courts some time ago ... instead he continues to sue everyone in sight while doing everything he can to evade ... legal service, or anything to do with his own obligations.

Anonymous said...

I suspect, much like my elderly parents, he thinks you need to type http://www etc when you want to visit a website.

CC said...

Anon @ 6:18 PM: I suspect Patrick also thinks the hot high school student sitting next to him at the bull riding event was actually hitting on him as well. Whatever.

RossOwesDay said...

White trash chick at Grande Prairie rodeo: "Umm, you spilled your nacho cheese all over your sweatpants."

Patrick "Twatsy" Ross: "That babe is SOOOO into me, and wants me to be her Daddy."

Anonymous said...

I left this page open in a tab and it was showing could not reach this morning. Other sites had similar problems. Rogers outage in eastern Canada today it seemed like some dns servers not working for a few hours,