Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: The dumbass pig ignorance.

The dumbass pig ignorance:

I'm just trying to help.


MgS said...

The first casualty of war is truth.

The sad part here is the sudden myopia for context that emerges so quickly when one side or the other in this conflict lashes out.

These events are never solely the result of one action - there are decades (or more) of history that play into this conflict, and if you focus solely on the "current outrage", it's far too easy to end up ignoring that history and how every step plays into the next event.

Purple library guy said...

I personally think Palestinians, including Hamas, totally have the right (in fact specified under international law) to violent resistance against occupiers. Nobody thinks it's controversial when Ukrainians do that.

In this particular case, Hamas, while their raid was daring and effective, no matter what the truth turns out to be about this or that rumour, it's pretty clear they did some really horrible things in the process. I'm very much against that. I wouldn't consider it illegitimate under the circumstance for Israel, if it could find some Hamas soldiers, to attack them.

But finally, Israel isn't bombing Hamas, they're bombing masses of civilians, roughly half of them children. Hamas are mostly underground, the bombs aren't killing them at all and Israeli politicians (and most citizens) all know it. So it's completely blatant collective punishment.

Anonymous said...

Poor Patrick is struggling the frame the story in his usual Manichean Frame - whoever he supports must be totally morally justified, and whoever opposes them is evil incarnate. Not much room for nuance in that boy's life.

Anonymous said...

Eminent historian Patrick "I ate a baby one time" Ross puts forth another well researched and nuanced opinion.

The Onion has these gems:



Anonymous said...

Rosshole is such a simpleton.

Anonymous said...

Like the rest of the civilized world, I don't give a fuck what Ross has to say. Like the rest of the civilized world, I hope Hamas gets annihilated. They fucked around, and I hope they find out.