Friday, October 27, 2023

Rebel News, and how to deal with their bullshit.

Here we go again:

That would be three more Liberals, handing Ezra Levant a massive stick to beat them with, so let me suggest a simple solution to the above.

Every politician should have access to two Twitter accounts -- a personal account with which they can do whatever the fuck they want, and an "official" account to be used solely and exclusively for government business, with which they have limited freedom to mute and/or block anyone.

In fact, this is exactly what U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg does, as you can see:

One account for work, one for personal shit, which resolves all of the above rubbish as long as one obeys the following two rules.

  1. The personal account is used solely for personal content; it cannot be used ever to distribute government policy of any kind. As long as that rule is followed, one can mute or block the fuck out of anybody they want.
  2. On the other hand, the government account can be used only for official government communications, and cannot mute or block anyone, with the exception of any accounts that become obviously abusive and arguably deserve such punishment. Certainly, muting someone in no way constitutes censorship and would solve all of the above issues.

So why is this not done? Because -- and how can I put this diplomatically? -- the federal Liberals appear to be the dumbest fucking life forms on the planet, and can't avoid punching themselves in the face day after day. Yes, they really are that fucking stupid.


Coolxenu said...

The censored loud mouth sure spills a lot of electrons (ink) whining about how censored he is all the time.

Poor lil Ezra.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, his best political buddy, John Carpay, provides an excellent illustration of why Ezra was smart to quit his provincial bar association before getting thrown out.

Anonymous said...

Did Rebel block the Minister?