Saturday, October 07, 2023


Far-right Canadian MAGAts and fascists take short break from denouncing socialism and freeloading to beg for handouts.

Insert obligatory "Feed 'em Convoy" joke here.


Anonymous said...

Is this in any way contradictory or ironic?

Anonymous said...

I see the rage-branding for this season is all about “Saving The Children”, which I assume reflects the yahoos inexplicable terror of trans or drag storytelling. As always, the same indignant mob of Poilievre supporters have no discernible goals and no legislation they’re promoting - just “come to Ottawa, bleat through megaphones, annoy cops and passersby just enough to generate video clips but not enough to get arrested, and freeze your cracker ass off as winter descends on the capital”.
Poor tactical choice, I think: they overestimate the degree to which Canadians buy into their Republican-lite fever dream fantasies of vast covert networks of Liberal pedophile groomers.

Anonymous said...

Why are they begging on line? Why don't they just go bully volunteers at a soup kitchen or force their way in the Shepherds of Good Hope for freebies like they did last time?

Sorry, grifters, I'm more inclined to donate the basics of survival to the INVOLUNTARY homeless, as opposed to those who chose their situation and are now bleating for relieve from the consequences of their stupid choice.

Brian Busby said...

What, no bouncy castle?

Anonymous said...

If pedophiles are 1% of the population then there were 150 of them among the convoyers. Did they not have the bouncy castle grooming areas right next to the diddling hot tubs?