Friday, October 27, 2023

Oh, right ... *that* John Carpay.

Keynote speaker John Carpay, you say?

That name sounds familiar, oh  right:

At this point, every speaker at a Rebel News hoedown should come with their own "About their criminal record" sub-page.


Coolxenu said...

Ezra ensures a safe haven for failed lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Billboard Chris has a few arrests for "causing a disturbance", to kick off the list.

Anonymous said...

What, is Kenney now too good for them with his cushy spots at Bennett Jones and on the ATCO board? Time was he compared Carpay's work to that of Rosa Parks, which came back to haunt him when Carpay compared the LGBTQ2S+ pride flag to the swastika and the hammer and sickle.
These people have no originality at all, just terrible judgment and a warped view of history.