Tuesday, October 17, 2023


CPC MP, whose party leader literally hand-delivered coffee and donuts to "Freedom Convoy" participants who openly called for the murder of the Prime Minister, will now lecture us on the proper definition of the word "terrorism."


thwap said...

Gotta wonder about people like Ezra Levant, Ben Schapiro, and etc., playing footsie with fascist antisemites.

Oh yeah, also the hypocritical attacks on Jeremy Corbyn for his criticisms of Israeli state policies whilst turning a blind-eye to genuine antisemitism in the UK Conservative party and its membership.

MgS said...

Stochastic Terrorist lectures us on what constitutes "Terrorism" in such a way that it excludes them. That tracks.

Anonymous said...

So let's get this straight.
1) The Conservative Party thinks the CBC should be defunded because it's vulnerable to political pressure.
2) The Conservative Party demands the right to override the CBC's style guide, journalistic and editorial policies, and dictate the way its stories are written.