Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Ezra Levant, shrieking hysterically a couple months prematurely.

Here's Rebel News Obergruppenfuhrer Ezra Levant, spewing outrage all over the furniture about possibly being stiffed for costs by Steven Guilbeault:

The wee problem is that, if you examine the screenshots, Guilbeault has until early December to make that payment, so all of this is simply childish outrage theatre on Ezra's part.

As it always is.

P.S. Ezra is lying as usual. The $20,000 in question is not what the court ordered Guilbeault to pay Ezra; it is what Ezra agreed to accept in the way of a settlement to shut up, fuck off and go away.


thwap said...

It must be terrible to be such a sleaze-ball.

MgS said...

Ezra’s constant outrage is the reason the term ‘ragegasm’ was coined.

Anonymous said...

One of the main reasons Rebel News will never be taken seriously is because of Ezra.