Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: About lying to the Court.

At some point, I suspect I will get undischarged bankrupt and fugitive from financial justice Patrick Ross into a court and under oath before a judge, at which time there will be presented quite the laundry list of the times Patrick has lied to the court; I produce just the teeniest example of what I am talking about here.

In his aborted and subsequently dismissed-as-abandoned 2015 appeal of his bankruptcy Conditional Discharge Order, Patrick submitted that he had never been served with my 2010 defamation judgment against him, writing:

As one can read in the above, Patrick is adamant that in a March 2012 (not 2011, as he writes) hearing in Calgary, the judge agreed he had never been served with the judgment and further ordered my then-lawyer to deliver said judgment to Patrick. I will not bother enumerating how many times Patrick had received a copy of said judgment; I will, however, produce the relevant part of the transcript of that very hearing so one and all can see precisely what the judge really said to Patrick [emphasis added]:

As I believe you can see, the judge makes it crystal clear that she does not believe Patrick, opining that "I'm sure Mr. Kraft's file is replete with affidavits of service that show that you were served."

This is but a single example of quite the collection of howling falsehoods that Patrick has told various courts over the years, and that collection will -- at my earliest opportunity -- be placed in its entirety before the Court.

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thwap said...

Besides the lying, his getting the year wrong is the icing on the cake.

Dishonest, stupid and lazy.

CC said...

thwap: I should show you the time he mixed up the appellations "Plaintiff" and "Defendant" in a filing.

Anonymous said...

If Patrick's talking, he's lying. He goes on about going to the gym daily and judging by his latest videos that's stretching the truth. He probably goes to the gym but its to take creepy pictures of women's asses when they're bent over because he needs a spank bank.

I estimate he's walking around at about 320-340lbs and his triple chin confirms that. Seeing his face one has to wonder about the 19 yr old woman that was hitting on him at the rodeo as he says. I can only assume she was deaf, dumb, and blind because she would have to be to be attracted to those chins. Maybe she was hoping to find dinner between the folds of fat hanging off his face but we all know Patrick isn't one to leave cheeseburgers rolling about when he misses his mouth. Maybe it was the twitchy eye that made her think he was winking at her?

He says he's suing someone in Jasper Place but if that were true he'd be posting the documents online so he can get his followers with a combined IQ of 12 to give him a like and a pat on the back. Skinner is ignoring him no matter how hard Twatsy tries to humiliate himself. There's no engagement on anything he does on social media showing he's every bit the angry incel he portrays himself as. I'm betting by January he starts talking about suicide again to get sympathy from his retarded and dimwitted following. His life of running looks to be killing him.

thwap said...


As Splatrick would say: "ROTFLMAO!!!!"

That's even better than when he wrote "Paintiff"!

Anonymous said...

"I estimate he's walking around at about 320-340lbs and his triple chin confirms that. Seeing his face one has to wonder about the 19 yr old woman that was hitting on him at the rodeo as he says."

No no, I could believe a woman was hitting on him. With a baseball bat, a frying pan, a hockey stick...most any solid object that was nearby. Okay, that's more hitting him than hitting on him, but it wouldn't be the first time he's stretched the truth.