Sunday, October 22, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: JUXTAPOSE!

Man who used to hide behind living room curtains until process server had left will now mock people for (*checks notes*) hiding from process servers.

Really, you can't make this up.


thwap said...

The man is insane.

Anonymous said...

Who is dear Twatrick referring to? Is he actually suing Skinner now? If so, how can he do this without revealing his address?

Anonymous said...

Funny this. Patrick failed to pick up registered mail from Skinner twice and refused to give Robert's process server his current address.

I'd tell Patrick to run but based on his latest video he isn't running for anything. Winter is coming so he must be bulking up to hibernate?

RossOwesDay said...

Skinner doesn't live in Jasper Place.

Twatsy is clearly contriving fictions once again, in an attempt to escape his pathetic life.

CC said...

ROD: It's not clear who Patrick is referring to here, but I'm sure you've noticed how Patrick thinks it's so clever to try to smear people without identifying who he's talking about.

Patrick loves to demean and denigrate people by identifying them only as "someone" or "a certain somebody" or something equally vague, without having the courage to come right out and say who he's talking about -- I guess this is his childish way to avoid further defamation charges because he'll say something idiotic like, "Hey, I never mentioned his (or her) name!"

In any event, while some people might not like how I pick on Patrick on occasion, at least I have the nads to make it clear I'm talking about him. Sadly, he will never have the same bravery.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Triple Chin Ross is suing another person? Is he saying people identifying his $21 breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, second lunch, mid afternoon snack, late lunch, supper, and a banana to top off his 19,000 calories a day is defamation of some sort?

It looks like someone's been eating well off daddy's death money.