Monday, October 23, 2023

Jesus. Motherfucking. Christ.

This is Ezra Levant's intellectual role model.

Let that sink in.


Augray said...

Anonymous said...

Ezra found it important to mention Avi is wearing a helmet and bullet proof vest when he’s reporting. Of course he is it’s a war zone.

Anonymous said...

I know I said this in a previous comment to a post on your blog, but it bears repeating. Trump once bragged about how he got a perfect score on a test ("person, woman, man, camera, TV") that we later found out was something given to someone to find out if they have dementia, or see how far it's advancing. It says something that finding out that Trump was suffering from dementia would've been the better option of explaining why he acts and talks like he does, instead of finding out that he's just really fucking stupid.

Of course, Trump could also be bullshitting about doing well on the test, and in fact has some form of dementia. It's not like the Republican Party has a history of taking advantage of their leader being in such a state or anything.

So yeah, seems like the perfect thought leader for the Republican Party and conservatives elsewhere.

"Let that sink in."

No thank you. Last time that happened, a certain someone literally did bring a sink in after spending $44 billion and subsequently put Twitter in the shitter, yet still has way too many people thinking he's some kind of genius. The Age of Anti-Intellectualism is sadly still going strong.