Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Lock. Her. Up.

JFC ... here's unethical, unprincipled hack Jenna Ellis, weeping theatrically for the court and playing the "I'm a good Christian" card.

Jail. Now.

P.S. I truly love Ellis' explanation of, "We were so frantically busy claiming the entire election was stolen that we just didn't have the time to collect, you know, evidence."

I wonder how many people are feeling a bit suckered about having funded Ellis' legal defense, only for her to fold like a cheap card table, then get to keep all the money.


Coolxenu said...

Smile for the mug shot, sob like a petulant teenager when held to account. Go MAGA, go broke, financially and morally.

Anonymous said...

In cases like this, I think the defendant should get to keep just enough of that crowdfunded dosh to pay their legal fees, and all else should be turned over to the court. No one should be allowed to make a profit on being this much of a crook.