Wednesday, October 04, 2023

I'm shocked ...

Here's occasional Rebel News contributor Ian Miles Cheong, blaming a social activist for being murdered:

Tune in tomorrow to see if Cheong tells a rape victim, "Sure, being raped is bad, but look at how you're dressed!"


thwap said...

Next Ian will talk about the NRA activist whose toddler shot them in the back. Then the COVID-denier who died from COVID. Then the anti-choice male politician who forced his mistress to have an abortion. Then the anti-gay politician found in his car blowing a gay prostitute.

Anonymous said...

Not really relevant to your piece so please feel free to delete, but just read this article from Salon.

My favourite paragraph is below!

There are many flavors of fascism, and MAGA is an especially nihilistic one. The right-wing media ecosystem rewards trolling above all else — especially over intra-party unity. In a competition for attention, adoration, and donations from the MAGA base, the quickest and surest route is to become a Joker-like chaos agent. MAGA loves a bad guy because it lets them pretend they're "rebels" who are "taking on the system." In reality, they are locusts swarming a field until nothing is left.