Saturday, October 14, 2023


Let the grift begin ...

Carpay .. Carpay ... oh, right ... that John Carpay:

But, sure, if you're an Albertan struggling to make ends meet and you blow five hundred bucks to meet Adam Soos in person, I'm sure that's Justin Trudeau's fault.

AFTERSNARK: I am amused by the screaming promise, "MANY MORE SPEAKERS TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!". It's passing strange that, with only a month until this shitfest, all one is promised is the stupidest and sleaziest Rebel News "journalists," along with a disgraced lawyer and a rancid transphobe.

Should we take bets on whether any additional "celebrities" are going to sign on to this embarrassing grift-a-palooza?


Anonymous said...

So it's an all-out Rebel Festival of the Far-Right's Favourite Stalkers and Doxxers, I see.

"Billboard Chris" is one of those manufactured, creepy-looking figures who are now earning a living by harassing students at various trans-rights protests, then squealing "MARTYR" like a stuck pig and launching a fundraiser every time time someone strikes back. He's like a very boring, one-one Menzies, looks a bit like David Byrne costumed as a child molester.

I wonder if Holland America know that the Rebel is celebrating one of Canada's leading anti gay, anti trans activists?

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing about their "Cruise" speakers: the only non-Rebel staffer is soon-to-be convict Tamara Lich. In the old days, they at least invited interesting celebrity wackos like Milo, Gavin, Goldy and Daniel Pipes. Spending a week with this dismal lineup is about as dreary an experience as I can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Who's going to pay money to see creeps that you can find at your nearest hate rally?
David Parker recently had Conceptual James Lindsay the academic faker bleating about how everything is communism because he's too lazy to think up anything original.


Brian Busby said...

Theo "Democracy leads to Communism" Fleury is my guess, but his appearance may be limited to manning a booth selling BroccoGen10.