Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yo, Adam! How's that hero worship working out for you?

Blogging Tory and fashion plate Adam Daifallah has always had a little woody for Lord Palpatine:

One of the reasons I've always liked Dick Cheney is that he doesn't beat around the bush.

Ya got that right, Adam:

Highest moment in the last eight years? 9/11. It's a freaking wonder he didn't say shooting a friend in the face.

There you go, Adam. I hope you and your hero worship will be very happy together.


Unknown said...

I'd say that's pretty accurate. As he said, it was the moment where he and his crowd grabbed power, and it was the excuse for everything they did afterwards. For Rove, it was the brightest of golden opportunities.

Anonymous said...

It was also his "lowest moment", "yeah, sure".

Nice spin.

sooey said...

He's such a practiced liar he could probably say the moon was made of green cheese and pass a lie detector test.