Monday, December 08, 2008

Punchline? What punchline?

Prairie Wrangler Olaf thinks it's unfair to accuse Prime Minister Stephen the Corpulent, the pride of Canada's Blogging Tories, of hideous, sleazy demagoguery:

You could really only “score big” with this tactic if most Canadians are driven primarily by base instincts, hopelessly susceptible to hyperbole, lacking the sophistication to disregard oversimplification, and essentially not possessed of any capacity for logic or reason whatsoever: in short, if Canadians are just barely more intellectually endowed than a troop of orangutans on a bender.

I think I just wet myself.


Olaf said...

Congratulations, you missed the entire point of my post. I'm shocked.

thwap said...

Harper lies and distorts for an ignorant, gullible public. 55% in this case anyway.

Olaf doesn't want to let Canadians off the hook, but I don't want to let Harper off the hook either.

Noni Mausa said...

"Why can’t the pundits and detractors just come out and say what they really think: as a collective, the Canadian people are incurable numskulls."

No dear. Just the right winged ones.

The Economist agrees:

I think the dissemination of talking points like these ( ) should qualify under common law as a Public Nuisance. After all, half of Canadians are below average in intelligence already -- is it okay to add misinformation to their existing difficulties?


Ti-Guy said...

Ever since Olaf wrote "I don't know what he means, but you can hardly accuse him of ambiguity" over at Macleans, I've become very leary of reading his writing. By the time you've reached the kernel of illogic that's usually buried in there somewhere, you've lost a few brain cells in the process.

He'll make a fine lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you missed the entire point of my post. I'm shocked.
Maybe if you made your point clearly....

CC said...

"You missed my point."
"Then learn to write."

KEvron said...

"you missed the entire point of my post"

that bit about hyperbole left me stumped, loaf.


Olaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Olaf said...


You missed my point."
"Then learn to write."

Don't let the fact that every other reader (including thwap) seemed to understand my point perfectly well make you think for a second that maybe you should give the post another glance before you comment. Surely, it is my lack of clarity that is the culprit here, and everyone other than you is telepathic.


Yea, that was my bad. We're all allowed to make a mistake once and a while, no? The difference is, I admit when I do. Remember when you tried to explain your way out of saying that Stephane Dion opposed the nation resolution? That was painful.


At least you got that far.

KEvron said...

"At least you got that far."

i'll be fine as soon as the wave of nausea passes.


Ti-Guy said...

Don't be hysterical and petulant, Olaf. You've been doing quite well lately on this journey that's seeing you blossom into some semblance of maturity. No need to blow that now with adolescent sass-back.

I don't really want to quibble with your thesis here, but to argue away Harper's responsibility for his recent...well, let's call them high crimes and misdemeanours...or to suggest that his critics should stop pointing out Harper's failures simply because other Canadians (who? I don't know...) would benefit more from being hectored for our gullibility strikes me as distracting and rather arrogant.

Dirk Buchholz said...

CC whats going on...? Do you think that perhaps you might be taking yourself a little to seriously.
"un-progressively" yours

Anarchore said...

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KEvron said...

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