Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crisis? What crisis?

Shorter Doughy Pantload: "A monumental, worldwide, catastrophic economic meltdown is no time to consider doing things differently."


The Seer said...

Natural Law is a constant; it does not flitter in the wind with the vagaries of human activity.

Mark Richard Francis said...
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Mark Richard Francis said...

"Natural Law is a constant..."

But so many disagree about what those laws are, and even if such perspectives matter. So I guess you can call Natural Law a variable constant, possible NULL.

crf said...

When Harper turns around in the house of commons, natural law sometimes emerges.

The Seer said...

When Harper breaks gas in the House, Natural Law emerges.

Metro said...

Wow--does anyone read Goldberg anymore aside from his team of therapists?

His miserable little book "Godwin for Contards"--or whatever it was called--got such a beatdown from Orcinus I thought it'd take him years to claw his way above ground.

Hard to believe he and Ezra aren't playing checkers in the same soup kitchen.
Wingnut welfare--the gift that keeps on giveing. Just like the clap. Or Steve Harper.

Appropriately, my WV is "treconic", which accurately describes the shape of Goldberg's head.