Friday, October 27, 2006

More daily Joel.

Is there an "absolute zero" for right-wing stupidity, or just a bottomless black hole? I mean, what the fuck? (emphasis added)

Conservatives making great strides in building Canada...

... Recent polling shows Conservatives on top; landmark Conservative government bills (that Canadians voted for) being stalled by leftist ideological partisan hackery; ...

Um ... yeah, those miserable, obstructionist leftists (once again, all emphasis added):

A bizarre filibuster and a strategically placed olive branch marked a parliamentary battle Thursday over who's to blame for a legislative logjam.

Opposition parties accused the minority Conservative government of intentionally paralyzing Parliament as one legislative committee after another stalled.

The highlight was a spectacle unprecedented in recent memory — a government MP filibustering to block an Opposition bill.

The Conservatives ran out the clock at an environment committee meeting as a Tory MP spoke for two straight hours on an arcane procedural point. The move stalled opposition members trying to push forward a private member's bill that would force the government to respect the Kyoto accord on greenhouse gases.

... Prime Minister Stephen Harper accused the opposition Thursday of being "anti-democratic" — even as the Liberals offered an olive branch by agreeing to pass more than half of Harper's proposed tough-on-crime bills.

Which inspires the following question -- is Joel Johannesen just too fucking stupid to waste any more time on? Seriously. Is there any point continually picking apart Canada's answer to Rain Man?

Enquiring minds want to know.


Simon said...

Your instincts are probably correct; Joel should probably join Jinx McHue and Wayne in the Too Stupid to Bother elephant graveyard of blogging.

Zorpheous said...

You know, when I read his blog it takes me back to the days of Anonlogue,... Hmmmm,... does Joel perchance live in the Ottawa area?

Come CC beotch slapping people like Joel is like playing pong,... it fun from time to time.

Dave said...

If you do it, we don't have to.