Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What can possibly go wrong?

Well, huzzah and hoorah! Apparently, Captain Special Ed is movin' on up to the east side. Now, an even larger audience can appreciate Captain Ed's contribution to the discourse, with stunningly investigative pieces like, oh, this one.

Oh, come on ... you haven't forgotten already, have you? God save the Washington Examiner, because nothing else will.

: If you have the time, peruse the comments section of that post, just to see what happens when a couple commenters who aren't clinically insane try to explain the facts. My favourite contemptuous wanker dismissal of reality is this one (emphasis added):

Just because he didn't ultimately get what he wanted, it doesn't mean he didn't sell his influence. Is it only a bribe if he's successful? Is it only a bribe if he gets caught?

And frankly, reported or not, someone in his position should set a higher standard than just meeting the letter of the law, particularly when he is a member of the body that makes the law. Do you truly see no conflict of interest at all in this???

Yes, by God, just because Reid never showed any favouritism, made his position clear from the beginning and obeyed "the letter of the law," that's no reason to not suggest that he's a thoroughly corrupt patsy and sleazebucket with a raging conflict of interest.

Your wankersphere in action.

BY THE WAY, do I really need to point out how Captain Ed flat-out lied in that Reid-related post when he wrote (emphasis added):

Now the Democrats have to add their own leadership -- again -- as the Senate Minority Leader has been exposed as taking favors from a notoriously corrupt industry while he intervened on their behalf:

As we have already established, Reid did no such thing -- he voted against the Nevada Athletic Commission. So you can spin this any way you want but the fact is, Captain Ed is lying here. Is anyone prepared to hold their breath waiting for a correction, retraction or apology?

Me neither.

BETTER AND BETTER: Media Matters lays a serious pasting on this whole Harry Reid boxing story. But note how, whereas journalistic hack John Solomon "failed to inform readers that, rather than taking any actions favorable to the NAC, Reid allowed the specific legislation that the agency had opposed to pass," Captain Ed goes one step further and, as I pointed out earlier, just outright lies about it.

Captain Ed: A douchebag for douchebaggery.

HA HA! Will the hackery never end? What will we tell the children? Damn it, it must be time for another conference on blogger ethics!

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Anonymous said...

From TPM -- "it would have been illegal for Reid to reimburse the commission for the seats. That's because these weren't actually tickets"

From the Las Vegas Review Journal --

"[Marc Ratner, then executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission] said Tuesday the seats Reid and McCain got weren't tickets available to the general public but "credentials" the commission gives only to public officials hoping to observe the commission's activity.

Skip Avansino, current chairman of the athletic commission and a commission member since 2002, said Reid, McCain and the athletic commissioners sat on folding chairs in a small, cramped area, not in the posh ringside seats for which pricey tickets are sold....

Boxing promoter Bob Arum said Reid and McCain also sat in ticketed seating at about three matches each but paid for their tickets "invariably." Arum said McCain and Reid's seats at the Hopkins-de la Hoya fight, on the other hand, were credentials from the commission, not tickets from Arum. But McCain, who brought his wife to the fight, sent Arum a check for the price of two ringside seats.

Arum said he didn't know what to do with the money.

"Those credentials cannot be sold," he said. "There's no price on them. (They are given to) governors, attorney generals, boxing commissioners of other states. ... It's illegal to accept money for a credential."

Arum said he couldn't accept McCain's money but McCain wouldn't take it back, so Arum donated it to Catholic Charities."