Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dear Steve: Extrapolate much?

Where leaders lead ... wankers follow. First, a little celebratory gloating on Steve Janke's part:

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives in a weak minority situation put forward a motion that is roundly opposed by all three opposition parties on a topic that for many Canadians represents the deepest held misgivings about where post-9/11 Canada is going...and Stephen Harper wins!

Which means exactly what, Steve? Oh ...

For the Canadian left in general, a panic will start. If Stephen Harper can win this vote, what other votes can he win? Joining the US in developing a ballistic missile defense system? Redefining marriage as a heterosexuals-only institution?

If Steve Janke seriously thinks he can extend the results of the Afghanistan vote to things like ballistic missile defense or SSM rights, he's going to be one sorry little puppy when reality slaps him upside the head with a crowbar.

You keep dreaming, Steve. Whatever makes your delusions comfortable.


Anonymous said...

"Post-9/11 Canada"? What does that mean, exactly?

MgS said...

That would be CPCSpeak for the lovely bondage sessions that miniShrub and miniDarth have been having with Mistress Condoleezza and Master Dubya.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that Steve has the facts wrong. The motion was not "roudnly opposed by all three opposition parties". Maybe Steve hasn't heard, but about one quarter of the Liberal caucus voted with the Conservatives. Otherwise the motion would have gone down to certain defeat.

Harper could fulfill a lot of his right wing wet dreams if he continues to get the support of a quarter of the Liberals in the Commons. Not sure that is such a smart move politically for the Liberals though.

Then again, after yesterday's vote, my faith in the political acumen of the Liberals has been sorely tested.