Thursday, May 18, 2006

Harperology 101.

Courtesy of today's Globe and Mail:

"I'm obviously pleased, the vote was obviously much closer than we thought even 24 hours ago," Mr. Harper said last night. "Support for the mission is a lot stronger than the vote. There were a lot of people in there who just wanted to vote against the government."

Mr. Harper acknowledged that he was worried throughout the day. He accused the Bloc Québécois of playing political games over the issue, and attributed his narrow victory to Conservatives and "certain Liberals who acted on principle." He said the Bloc was flip-flopping in response to polls.

See how that works? If you support the Harper government, you're acting "on principle." If you oppose it, you're "playing political games" and are just doing it to "vote against the government."

Coming soon: If you support Stephen Harper, then you love freedom, democracy, family values, Canada and cute little puppies. If you don't support Stephen Harper, well ...


Zorpheous said...

Say Cynic, you are sounding more and more Anti-Canadian these days.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Actually the numbers among the Canadian public are just about the reverse of the vote in the house. 54% of Canadians oppose keeping troops in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Harper is not going to last long with this sort of bullshit. But he will hopefully destroy this coalition of Christian-fascists, Klansmen, morons, and selfish vomit, before he's finished.