Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Captain "Special Ed" screws another pooch.

Oh, Lordy, I'm not sure how much more pure Captain Ed-inspired wingnuttery I can take but, what the hell, let's rip him another orifice, shall we?

See, on May 18, with respect to the possible incident at Haditha, Captain Ed was wailing on Rep. John Murtha here, thusly:

"Murtha leaping to conclusions ... has decided to skip the investigation ... leapt directly to conclusions ... jumped the gun ... made this leap ... blah blah blah ... ".

You get the idea. Murtha was completely irresponsible, prejudged the investigation, etc, etc. And that was on May 18. Got that?

Fast forward to May 31 in which that same Captain Ed, desperately trying to defend the Pentagon against increasing charges of a cover-up of the Haditha massacre, writes (emphasis added):

Pentagon Understood Haditha Contradictions, Ordered Investigation

The Haditha investigation started earlier than previously thought after a Marine Corps investigator noticed key discrepancies between the physical evidence and the reports from the Marines involved. The New York Times reveals that the Pentagon had already referred the matter to criminal investigators weeks before Time Magazine reported the alleged atrocities at the end of March, ...

By the time that Time reported this incident publicly in the March 27th issue, the US military had already determined that war crimes had potentially been committed at Haditha.

So, to recap, in Captain Ed's universe, Rep. John Murtha was a treasonous jackass for engaging in speculative, unfounded, rumour-mongering about the Haditha incident in May, but the Pentagon -- God bless 'em -- was on top of things, having bravely and commendably determined that something was seriously rotten in Denmark about this whole Haditha cock-up back in March.

Have no fear, folks. We'll get to the bottom of this. Captain Clouseau is on the job.

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