Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And the Crazed One unleashes her yapping minions.

Uh oh ... someone's got their bikini briefs in a bunch. What's the matter, Kate? That last Harley airbrush job not quite work out or what?


Anonymous said...

Christ, will I ever read a story that reduces my loathing for this hacktackular party and fubar government. If this were some how a bingo game I have my card just about filled.... god I mourn for Canada.

Unknown said...

Hmm, nice profanity.

Miss Cellania said...

So what does the right want us single moms to do? Stay at home and draw welfare? Or work and put our kids in daycare?

I am at a stay-at-home mom for the first time in my life (three weeks now) waiting for my first government check (unemployment). I need to go get a job before the kids and I kill each other!

Dave said...

I dunno, CC. It looks like "love" to me.

Anonymous said...


It's becoming clear to me that they don't so much care whether you choose welfare or daycare, as long as you recognize that by being single you are a poor mother.

To drive that point home, they'd like both options to be as lousy as possible, in order to encourage you to get married and therefore be a better parent.

catnip said...

I wrote a post about blogging anonymously to support you, CC.

Miss Cellania said...

Adam, would it were so easy! But I'm not desperate enough to let a political movement "set me up"! Heehee! Besides, I am obviously a poor mother and role model because I allowed my husband to up and die on me.

Oxford County Liberals said...


As with Catnip, I wrote a column indirectly supporting you as well.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Kate, never having been married, or having given birth to, or raise a child is qualified to give expert commentary on the subject.


Come to think of it, considering what we know about her, her not reproducing would perhaps tend to be a "good thing" really. Can you imagine a child being raised by *that*?

Surrounded by airbrush fumes, toxic right-wing rhetoric, xenophobic hatred and "mom"'s obsession with little dogs and blogging compulsively.

Now that would be a sad sad childhood doncha think?