Thursday, May 25, 2006

Maybe there is a God after all.

Now this is the sort of thing that makes even a hard-core atheist stop and think:

Lay and Skilling guilty

Enron former chief executive Jeffrey Skilling and founder Kenneth Lay were found guilty Thursday of conspiracy and fraud in the granddaddy of all corporate fraud cases.

On the sixth day of deliberations, a jury of eight women and four men convicted the former executives of misleading the public about the true financial health of Enron, whose collapse in late 2001 symbolized the wave of corporate fraud that swept the United States early this decade.

Skilling was found guilty on 19 counts of conspiracy, fraud, false statements and insider trading. He was found not guilty on eight counts of insider trading.

Lay was found guilty on all six counts of conspiracy and fraud. In a separate bench trial, Judge Sim Lake ruled Lay was guilty of four counts of fraud and false statements.

Both Lay and Skilling could face 20 to 30 years in prison, legal experts say.

Bye, guys. Try not to drop the soap.

BY THE WAY, when we Lefties snicker over Lay and Skilling doing hard time, well, we're just being childish gloaters, reveling in the misfortune of others. When it comes to the backlash against the Dixie Chicks, well, those traitorous little sluts had it coming to them, dontcha know?

I'm glad I could clear that up for you.

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