Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dixie Chicks to Blogging Tories: Suck on THIS.

I suppose it's entirely predictable that some of the less-developed examples of life over at the Blogging Tories would take time out of their busy days to take a swipe at the Dixie Chicks, those uppity broads who had the nerve -- the nerve, I tell you -- to call a spade a spade and an imbecile an imbecile.

There is, of course, the non-thinking man's non-thinking man, Damian Penny, who just can't contain his glee at the mediocre ratings of the Chicks' album airplay on country stations. And there's the incomparable Dr. Roy, who makes Penny look positively intellectual. Stellar examples of humanity, the bunch of them. (And the less said of their commenters, the better. Trust me on that one.)

Of course, one does have to sympathize with the Chicks, given how their musical careers have tanked since that fateful day back in 2003. First of all, their music just plain sucks:

NEW YORK (Billboard) - The Dixie Chicks lost many fans -- and the support of country radio -- after singer Natalie Maines declared in 2003 that she was embarrassed to come from the same state as fellow Texan President Bush. The group has re-emerged stronger, more defiant and more creatively ambitious than ever. The first-time pairing with producer Rick Rubin has resulted in a surprisingly cohesive mix of country and rock tunes, including co-writes with Sheryl Crow and Neil Finn. While many former fans remain critical of the group for its outspoken political views, tracks like "The Long Way Around," "Everybody Knows," "I Hope" (highlighted by a John Mayer guitar solo) and the chillingly sad "Voice Inside My Head" are sure to earn the group at least some of its fans back.

Um ... OK, bad example. Well, at least that whole 2003 fiasco taught them a lesson right in the ol' pocketbook that year, right? Right?

North American concerts gross $61M for Dixie Chicks

The North American leg of the Dixie Chicks' world tour grossed $61 million in ticket sales, the group's publicists say.

The Dixie Chicks wrapped up the North American leg Aug. 13 in Calgary, Canada. During the past three months, the Dixie Chicks have played to more 1 million concertgoers.

The $61 million in ticket sales make the Dixie Chicks the top grossing country tour of the year, according to the group's publicists. Pollstar's recent midyear review placed the Chicks third in overall concert sales, just behind the Rolling Stones and the pairing of Elton John and Billy Joel.

That'll teach those pushy broads, won't it? And it sure as hell won't get any better this year, will it, boys?

Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, and Martie Maguire unveiled a 44-show run today, kicking their North American "Accidents & Accusations" tour off in Detroit July 21 and finishing up November 11 at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington.

Of course, what really bunches the shorts of Damian and Dr. Roy is that stuck-up, elitist attitude that the chicks really don't need all those beer-swilling, knuckle-dragging country music fans to enjoy themselves quite nicely, thank you. I mean, talk about alienating your base. Well, at least that part of it that wants to kill you now.

Oh, well. Life's tough, but I'm pretty sure someone else will be happy to buy that goober's ticket.


riley dog said...

Speaking of chicks, I always assumed damian penny was female. Are you sure?

Anonymous said...

"And the less said of their commenters, the better. Trust me on that one."

Well, I didn't trust you, and I went over and had a look. Now I'll trust you, because I'm not putting myself through that again.

Do these fascist todders actually understand "freedom of expression?"

CC said...

steve writes:

"Speaking of chicks, I always assumed damian penny was female. Are you sure?"

Quite sure. I'm guessing it's his incessant whining like a little girl that threw you off.

Anonymous said...

cc you fucking rock!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Dixie Chicks. I loved their music at one time, but any time I hear them now I just want to PUKE!!! Keep on thinking you know better than everyone else, Natalie. I'd say you can kiss my American ass, but I wouldn't let your fat ass touch it. Eat shit and purge......

Anonymous said...

I will just say that i am sick of any famous persons rant. Like we the little ones need to be lead one way or the other by some singer actor etc. most of us have the ability to read write and think on our own

Anonymous said...

As an American living in London at the time natalie decided to purge, I can say thanks a lot natalie. You were responsible for my 5 y/o being called a baby killer. Must be nice to jump on a plane and leave.....and leave the americans to deal with your big mouth. I'd never wish that on her child, yet she had no regard for mine, or any other Americans living in europe. stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

The Dixie Bitches played in Halifax a few months ago. I am disappointed that I didn't know they were coming. I would have liked to have put some type of witty sign on my van telling that fat pig to go the fuck home, and park my van right outside the venue.

My only consolation is that Nat is butt fucking ugly and she has to live that way her whole life.