Saturday, May 20, 2006

Retractions, and the weaselitude thereof.

Even though it's been only a day, given how fast the "Iran is colour-coding Jews!" story imploded, it might be entertaining to see how quickly and how thoroughly the residents of Lower Wankerville pulled the plug on their original, hyper-ventilating dissemination of that piece of nonsense. But what exactly would constitute a "retraction?" Ah, grasshopper, that is a very good question.

Given that the vast majority of original claims were of the form, "Oh, my God, this is disgusting, the leaders of Iran are a bunch of Nazis, look what they're doing!", it's not unreasonable to suggest that a proper retraction would be similarly unambiguous, perhaps along the lines of, "Oh, dear God, I fucked up, that story turned out to be a total crock and I fell for it and please, please, please forgive me for being such a gullible buffoon, I promise not to let it happen again."

What would not be a proper retraction would be something like, "Well, it maybe turns out that that original story hasn't been confirmed yet and there's some question about the exact details but, it doesn't really matter since that's why we can't let those ragheads have the bomb, anyway."

I might add that a proper retraction might include the observation that the National Compost, having got everyone's nutsack in a knot over this, quietly and without explanation simply "disappeared" that original story without apology or explanation. I think pointing that out would be a critical aspect of any retraction, no? And so, without further ado and in no particular order, let's see how our representative samples of Wankerus Rightwingus performed.

First, credit where credit is due -- full marks to this guy, who did the right thing and linked to the authoritative source for all things Iran and Jew-related. :-) (Although there's just a touch of weaselitude about that title, "National Post story may be inaccurate," but I can live with it. Onward.)

Not so full marks for one Dr. Roy. Given his initial, uncritical love affair with the original story here, one might have expected a somewhat more heartfelt retraction than this:

National Post Says Original Story of Badges May not be True

This story may not be true.

" However, Mr. Kermanian added that Jews in Iran still face widespread, systematic discrimination. “For example if they sell food they have to identify themselves and their shops as non-Muslim,” he said."

As I said we did not need more proof of the evil of the iranian regime andf i am not completely sure if this story is true or not.

I will wait for further evidence , one or the other, but as PM Harper said:"Unfortunately we’ve seen enough already from the Iranian regime to suggest that it is very capable of this kind of action,”

If it's possible to get any more vacuous, mealy-mouthed or weaselly than that, I'm not sure how. Come on, dude -- if you're going to apologize, say it like you mean it.

And, sadly, that's all you get. One winner, and one whiner. We'll be adding more entries as the citizens of Wankerville offer up their apologies with as much lack of class and bad grace as we've come to expect from them.

Stay tuned.

DAMIAN P. SLITHERS IN: Ah, and another display of utter classlessness from Wankerville, as Damian Penny chokes out a lame-ass faux retraction:

Report disputed

Yesterday's National Post report about Iranian Jews and other minorities being forced to wear special badges may not be true

"DISPUTED?" "May not be true?" Gosh, Damian, that's awfully courageous of you, going out on a limb like that. No mention of the Post yanking its story without explanation, I see. Not like that might be, you know, worth pointing out or anything, right?

And, naturally, Damian goes for the big finish:

Update: the lefty bloggers, not surprisingly, are jumping up and down with faux outrage about righty bloggers (including myself) writing about this untrue story.

So, guys, has Karl Rove been indicted yet?

"Faux outrage?" No, Damian, that's actual outrage. And comparing the not-unlikely speculation that a sleazy, lying presidential advisor is being indicted with the fairy tale that an entire foreign government is reviving the Holocaust? Nice to see you still have a sense of perspective there, Damian.


Shorter Dissonance and Disrespect: "Do not bother me with reality."

HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE: And The Strong Conservative comes limping in, dragging a sorry excuse for rationalization if I ever saw one:

Truth on Badges for Jews, Christians in Iran

Some lefty bloggers are attempting to ridicule and embarrass some conservative bloggers ...

"Attempting?" Dude, rule number one is you really have to be able to recognize when you're getting your ass handed to you on a platter. Like now.

I wish you lefties would defend democracy and freedom like you defend Iran.

We defend accuracy. And truth. You know truth? The word you used in your title up there without apparently realizing what it means? Yeah, that word.

"STRONG CONSERVATIVE" UPPITY DATE: Oooh, this is delicious:

Its amazing how those on the left express more disdain and hatred for conservatives, Bush and Harper than they do for terrorists and those like Ahmadinejad.

Please remember who the true enemy is, because when it boils down, we (the West) are on the same team.

Translation: All us'n white folks gotta stick together.


Unknown said...

> Update: the lefty bloggers, not surprisingly, are jumping up and down with faux outrage about righty bloggers (including myself) writing about this untrue story.

> So, guys, has Karl Rove been indicted yet?

So...was he saying that since Karl Rove can get away with, you know, LYING -- then it's really no big deal??

Somena Woman said...

I love how whenever the right gets all upset about something that's "REAL OUTRAGE" but if anybody else is upset about something it's "faux outrage"

I wonder sometimes, if these people even think about what they are writing or if they just keep repeating nifty sounding catchphrases and worn out metaphors, not realizing it's nothing but shiboleth.

Roy Eappen said...

Apologize?Your blog is a cesspool. read this story: I am so glad you support the Iranian Mullahocracy. Perhaps you should live there. While you are waiting for Karl Rove to be indicted , perhaps you could take courses on manners. Perhaps when the Taliban did the same thing you lefties wanted to be culturally sensitive.

Anonymous said...

Because, you know, pointing out that something isn't true is *exactly* the same thing as supporting terrorism.