Monday, May 29, 2006

Did I mention that I hate Microsoft? No, really.

Just when you think the evil is exhausted, well ... here we go again:

automatix writes "Microsoft's new competitor to the omnipresent JPEG format has been shown at WinHEC and is discussed on CNET. The Windows Media Photo format has many promises associated with it. The program manager is claiming 'We can do it in half the size of a JPEG file.'. While 'the philosophy has been that licensing should not be a restriction', it is interesting that the specification requires a click-through agreement to even read it."

Random thoughts to follow later, so feel free to start things off.


Anonymous said...

Following the links:
"One of the biggest reasons people upgrade their PCs is digital photos..."
Bill Crow, program manager for Windows Media Photo.

I've never heard that one before. I thought new games, media formats, and poorly written memory hog windows programs were the main reasons. Digital photos take up very little space, as compared to music or movies. If people are taking so many photos that they are running out of hard drive space, which would mean literally thousands of photos (I recently copied all of my photos from the last three years onto 1 CD, which I think was 1500 files or so), then most figure out how to use a CD burner instead. It's certainly cheaper.

Anonymous said...

You can tell a business is a monopolist when it cares more about market control than it does about profit.

It's just another media format which MS would desperately like to have control over. Power is money.

kootcoot said...

Wow, a new Windows graphic format, I can hardly wait. Will it be even less elegant than Windows Paint's default format the hard drive clogging BMP, more affectionately known as BIMPle. Get rid of all them dwarf, mini 80-120gig hard drives and look for something measured in terabytes, lots of em (terabytes that is).

Of course most of us have so many resources already we can do pretty much anything we want to or need to. The hardware manufacturers are dying, it's taking too long for us to need to upgrade. Their only hope is Longhorn or Vista or whatever Bill is calling his "who cares" next generation Windows this week.

Much to the chagrin of Mr. Gates and the OEMs the average person who buys a sub-$1000 system these days and installs either XP or a Linux or *nix flavor OS and the apps they need is pretty well set for a few years of relatively trouble free computerizing. Unless of course they decide to personally decode the human genome on their desktop, just to check up on the scientists, in case they are trying fool us normal folk.

Then of course us Intelligent Design supporters need to get rid of our 2 gig processor, 500-100MB Ram systems with a Hard Drive measured in acres and downgrade to a 486 or the preferred model of hard core evolution deniers the incomparable 286. Myself, I'm hoping to eventually downgrade to computing on fingers and toes. If it can't be solved using 20 digits, it ain't worth solving.

kootcoot said...

Correction, I meant 500-1000Mb(1GB)