Monday, May 22, 2006

That was then, this is now.

Shorter wankersphere: "It's appalling and disgusting how the Left jumped the gun on the Karl Rove indictment story! It's damaging, it's irresponsible and, God damn it, heads should roll over this!

"Oh, about those WMDs in Iraq? We're sure they're going to turn up any day now. Yessir, any day now. I hear they've been moved to Syria. Or is it Lebanon? Whatever."


Anonymous said...

Oh, okay. So the WMD stuff makes it okay for you to not retract your comments regarding the Rove story.

Shorter Canadian Jackass: "Do as I say, not as I do!"

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many left-wing asshats will be retracting their support of the fake Army ranger who claimed that the military was killing civilians in cold blood. Compare THAT to the armband story, jerkweed.

Anonymous said...

This must be the scale you work with:

least offense
-lying under oath
-lying about killing civilians
-lying about indictments
-a Democrat citing faulty intelligence about WMDs in Iraq

greatest offense
-a Republican citing faulty intelligence about WMDs in Iraq
-freeing people from brutal dictators who slaughter women and children and dump their bodies by the thousands into mass graves
-mispronouncing "nuclear"

M@ said...

Disavowed, this must be the scale you work with:

least offense
- Republicans lying under oath
- pre-emptive war based on false premises
- Republicans lying about intelligence about WMDs in Iraq
- being indicted
- taking away civil rights because you think laws don't apply to you because you're the president

greatest offense
- thinking someone is going to be indicted before they actually are
- blowjobs
- lying about blowjobs

Wow, this is fun. Let's put words in other peoples' mouths again soon! It's much easier than, say, actually rebutting other people's arguments!