Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Hotter Than Hell" apparently hotter than ... oh, never mind.

Interesting. I just got e-mail notification that my order from that I placed on April 24 hasn't been shipped yet since one of the items in that order -- Mark Tushingham's controversial and thoroughly frightening (to scientifically-illiterate wanks and CPC Members of Parliament) "Hotter Than Hell" -- has been delayed 4-6 weeks.

Is that based solely on overwhelming demand? That would be nice, wouldn't it?


M@ said...

Actually, it's based on the fact that Tushingham published with a small, print-on-demand press -- in fact a vanity press. In publishing circles, his publisher is in the pool of vanity publishers that are regarded somewhere between a joke and a scam.

This, of course, does not say anything about the quality or merits of Tushingham's book. I'm a writer too, and I know too well the drive to get a book that you've written out on the shelves.

(Incidentally, my novel, LMF, published by micropublisher Little Green Tree, will launch on June 3 at the Walper Hotel in Kitchener. Starts at 2 pm! All welcome! Punch will be served!)

But when a nobody writer picks a nobody press to put his little project out on, and a federal minister forbids him from attending his own book launch -- what does that say about the government she works for!?

Shannon said...

You can get it from the publisher's website: