Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Outrage? What outrage?

Via Liberal Catnip, I notice that Motor City Moonbat Ted Nugent has a solution for evil in general:

How do you get peace, love and understanding? First of all you have to find all the bad people. Then," Nugent adds, "you kill them."

Sure, why not? And what do those on the Canadian Right think about this idea? After all, they were the ones who went apeshit over Brit George Galloway's suggestion that, in the Global War on Terror™, a suicide bomber would be morally justified in killing enemy leader Tony Blair. I mean, hell, this undoubtedly values-based conservative suggested that Galloway should simply be killed for his opinions. My, but they are an easily outraged lot, aren't they?

Or are they? Given Nugent's philosophy above, one would think that all those Blogging Tories would be similarly horrified and putting fingers to keyboard to express their disagreement. Sure they will. And on that day, Satan will be ice skating to work.

Don't hold your breath.

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