Friday, May 26, 2006

The unbounded joy of the Internets.

You know the greatest thing about the Internets? They have a looooooong memory. For example, they remember stuff like this (emphasis added):

Direct mail, email, websites, print ads, media appearances by MPs, radio ads, TV ads... whatever. Go around the media. Get the message directly to Canadians. And do not shut up about it. Ever. Some shmuck at CBC Radio asks a question about whether Stephen Harper is too "angry" to be PM? Cool. Respond by talking about CPC plans for reforming the criminal justice system. Or healthcare. Or R&D investment. Or whatever

Too angry to be PM? Oh, pish posh. Schmuck, indeed. Stevie Boy sure showed them, didn't he? Fucking CBC and their liberal media bias.


MgS said...

Jesus - the CPC just can't get past their persecution complex where the media's concerned, can they?

Anonymous said...

I, um, have my own opinion on Stevie "Bush Wannabe" Harper's foot-stomping over the press being the Opposition:

Yes, Stevie, the Canadian press *IS* the Opposition!