Friday, May 19, 2006

God loves you. Yes, he does.

Well, God certainly loves recently-freed abduction victim, 11-year-old Carmen Kados:

  • "There is a God!"

  • "Thank God ..."

  • "Thank god this little girl has been found alive."

  • "Praise God, many many prayers have been answered!!"

  • "Truely an answered prayer!"

And Cecilia Zhang? Apparently, not so much.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!! Of course, I am glad they found the girl alive. However, I often get really annoyed at the arrogance of that particular usage of God. (It always reminds me of Robinson Crusoe, in which God let all the people on his ship perish so that he could survive and live on an island and "find himself.")

M@ said...

It's funny, isn't it, how people thank god and Jesus when they do things like win games or win awards or whatnot. But the losers never say "Thanks fer nuthin', Jesus" or "God really shafted me this time".

I can't explain it. It's just funny. I guess god works in mysterious ways or something.