Friday, May 19, 2006

Dueling sock puppets.

Eeeeeasy, stomach:

Australian Prime Minister John Howard cautioned Canadians yesterday that they really don't want to see an isolationist United States because that would mean a far more dangerous world.

Yes, it would be a shame for the U.S. to abandon its current relationships based on international co-operation and multilateralism, wouldn't it? Man, that would just suck.

Mr. Howard, who arrived in Ottawa directly from a triumphal Washington visit, told a joint session of Parliament that he's an unapologetic friend and ally of the U.S., which he described as a "remarkable and powerful force for good in the world."

You keep using that word "remarkable." I do not think it means what you think it means.

Moreover, Canada, Australia and other nations should deeply appreciate "the decency and hope that the power and purpose of the United States represents to the world."

And our missing one billion dollars in softwood lumber duties? What exactly does that represent again?

He referred directly to the previous Liberal government's opposition to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, ...

Yes ... in hindsight, a particularly irresponsible decision, wasn't it? We'll be regretting that little error in judgment for years, I'm sure.

Both leaders noted the things the two countries have in common, including a federal political structure, a parliamentary tradition, populations drawn heavily from European stock, vast and open rugged territory and an outward-looking view of the world.

And really, really, really stupid prime ministers. You missed that one, John.

AFTERSNARK: By the way, John, I'm sure it's comforting to know that George W. McFlightSuit shares that mutual admiration thing:

"Somebody said, 'gosh, you and John Howard appear to be so close, don't you have any differences?', and I said, yeah, he doesn't have any hair."

OK, um, that's just mentally-retarded, Texan humour, no big deal, he was just funnin' with you, really.

"He may not be the prettiest person on the block, ...".

Yeah, you're ugly, too. Ha ha. But seriously, John:

" ... but when he tells you something you can take it to the bank. He is a reliable partner."

Hmmmm ... that sounds familiar. Where have I heard something like that before? Oh, right:

Presidents George Bush and Vladimir Putin have met for the first time and appear to have hit it off.

The two men still differ over enlarging Nato and US missile defence plans, but they exchanged warm words.

They say they found the basis for a relationship of mutual respect.

At the end of their first summit meeting in Slovenia Mr Bush described Mr Putin as a straightforward and trustworthy man.

"A straightforward and trustworthy man." What could possibly go wrong?

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Somena Woman said...

You might want to do a little link or somethign to this...

"On the fifth anniversary of the Shanghai Five in June 2001, the heads of state of its members and the President of Uzbekistan met inShanghai, the birthplace of the mechanism.First they signed a joint declaration admittingUzbekistanas member of the Shanghai Five mechanism and then jointly issued theDeclaration on the Establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization"

It is formed of ,China,Russia,Kazakhstan,Kyrgystan,Tajikistan and Uzbekistan & there are murmurs that it is considering opening up it's coalition to Iran.

Ain't that great?