Sunday, May 28, 2006

Blogging Tories Short Takes: May 28, 2006.

Shorter GayandRight: "With Jews, it's outrageous. With women, it's just kind of amusing."

Shorter Mark C.: "Speaking on behalf of an entire demographic that swallowed the whole Iran/Jews/badge fairy tale in its entirety, how can you possibly trust anyone who mistakenly referred to the B-2 as the B-1?"

Shorter civitatensis: "Just because I spell it 'Gurman Grewald' doesn't mean people shouldn't take me seriously. Right, Mark?"

Shorter Dr. Roy: "I mean, you're a man of the world, you've been around, you've 'done it', right? ... Wot's it like?"

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Anonymous said...

How can you stand reading those hissy scolds?